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अगर आप एक english reader हैं, तो आपके लिए english articles हैं जो आपको बेहतर इंसान बनाने में मददगार साबित हो सकते हैं। आपको लगभग हर article के साथ उसका audio भी मिलेगा मतलब पढ़ने के साथ आप उन्हें सुन भी सकते हैं।

Signs of Bitterness and How to Stop Being Bitter

Let me tell you the recipe of an unhappy life, includes only one ingredient and that is BITTERNESS. Feelings of fulfillment and peace in our life can make us the happiest person in the universe, and this does not require having 7 digit bank balance.

Sticking to the other people’s definitions of success and the never-ending pursuit of happiness, many of us wind up on the wrong and opposite path of dissatisfaction and disappointment and this is where bitterness in a person yields toxic fruits.

Benefits Of Investing – Why Investment

Believe me when I say that everyone should start to invest since there are so many advantages so that it makes no sense in saying no to investing. You will need to invest your money in order to create wealth from your money.  You are giving up the potential to grow your financial worth if you do not invest.

How To Find Your Passion?

How To Find Your Passion? Everyone says to do what you love and love what you do. This is only possible if you do what you are passionate about. You are going to work for more than half of your life. Just imagine doing what you don’t really love for more than 40 years of your life. Is it worth your life?

Top Ways To Make Money Online

Ways To Make Money Online – You may not believe but there are thousands of different ways to make money online. But choosing which one will work for you is too difficult because you will be able to make money or not by any of these methods it totally depends on your skills, hard work, and a bit of luck too.

How To Be A Gentleman

There are no set rules on “How to be a gentleman” because being a gentleman is not a habit or skill it is a lifestyle. As per me, Gentleman is someone who is Gentle, and respectful, towards all living things not just to their ladies.

No one is born a gentleman; to genuinely become one, one must understand and acquire certain principles. In this article, I will share some tips to become a true gentleman.

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